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Henry Worley Descendants (1645 to the present)
This is a Worley family chart compiled by Henrietta F. Frietley and drawn by C. W. Hammers. It begins with Henry Worley, brother of Francis and Daniel Worley, in the 1600s and continues through to the early to mid-1900s. It also has short writeups about Francis, Henry, and Daniel Worley. The most recent of my ancestors on the chart is my Grandfather, Francis Worley (noted as "W C Francis").

Arthur Steele Wolfe & Mary Content Worley Ancestors
This chart is dated 8:30 AM July 10, 1946 and signed Albert Cook Myers. It was given to Mary Content Worley.

Anthony Deardorff Descendants (1)
This chart traces the Deardorff line (also spelled Dierdorff).

Anthony Deardorff Descendants (2)
This is another chart tracing the Deardorff line.
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