Letters of an Era Past

1800 to today.

Voltair, York Co. May 4, 1800

Dear Sir,
     If you can come next weak and fetch my sheep you can have them. There are to sheep and one lamb. And if you can't come and fetch them write and I will sell to some person else. You can have the first chance.

Yours Respectually,
Henry H. Ramer

Gettysburg July 29, 1862

     You have been appointed a Committee for Reading township under the 4th Resolution adopted by our late meeting.
     Allow us earnestly to urge immediate action. Meet and Consult, increase your Committee at your discretion and proceed at once to [unknown] your district for men and money.
     The crisis demands prompt and energetic action. The people do not comprehend the danger - our army must be re-inforced speedily and the rebellion put down, or it will put us down. When all is at stake, let us not hesitate to make sacrifices - let not Adams County fail to meet the [unknown] of duty.


Obituary written by Dr. Thomas Worthington, 1840

     Departed this life...Deborah T. Tudor, in the 24th year of her age...

     The writer of this had the opportunity afforded him, of forming an aquaintance, and of obtaining her friendship, by being employed as her medical advisor...