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Richard Worley
(1654 - 1718)

     Captain Worley was a townsman of Captain Kidd; and about sixteen years after that worthy shuffled off so tragically at Execution Dock, this bold adventurer started out to make himself rich and famous, and with no intention of coming to the same disastrous end. With eight companions he set out from New York Harbor in the month of September, 1718, in a small open boat. Upon reaching Delaware River, they turned up; and, in the vicinity of New Castle, captured a shallop laden with household goods and plate. They relieved the poor terrified captain of all the valuable part of his cargo and then let him go. A few days afterwards an English sloop, well armed and well provisioned, fell into their hands. The pirates tumbled on board, drove the crew below hatches, and stood boldly out to sea. After a six weeks' cruise they appeared on the coast of South Carolina. Worley had by this time increased his crew to twenty-five men. With characteristic boldness he planned an extensive cruise upon the Carolinian coast, famous as the scene of Blackboard's piracies; but the brave Colonel Johnson, the then governor of the province, suddenly put an end both to his life and to his schemes. Having dispatched four swift sailing sloops to engage this pirate, he was discovered just outside of Charleston bar. There was a hot exchange of broadsides for a time, and then down came the "black Roger." The loss on board the piratic ship was very great. Worley himself was among the first to fall, and lay dead upon the deck. The survivors were carried into Charleston amid great public rejoicing, and the following day were duly executed at White Point.

From the Allen & Ginter series Pirates of the Spanish Main
Richmond, Virginia No. 30
Geo. S. Harris & Sons, Lith. Phila.

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