A History of Pennsylvania Quakers
Historical Information & Other Projects
     The above is a photograph of the Huntington Friends Meeting House and worshippers in the late 1890s. It shows a northeast view of the Meeting House. The worshippers are, left to right: Mrs. Hannah G. Wright, formerly of Flora Dale; Mrs. Joseph Vale and Captain Joseph Vale, formerly of Carlisle; Mrs. Maria E. Tyson, widow of Charles J. Tyson, formerly of Flora Dale and Guernsey, and mother of Edwin C. Tyson, of Flora Dale; Miss Alice L. Black, now of Flora Dale; Miss Esther Broomell, of Baltimore; Miss Mary E. Griest, formerly of Guernsey; Mrs. Elizabeth M. Koser, Friend's Minister and mother of G. W. Koser, of Biglerville; Hiram Griest, brother of Mrs. Koser and a Friends' Minister, formerly of Bendersville; Mrs. Florence Michener, formerly of Bendersville and her two children, Anna, now of Washington, D. C, and Raymond; Cyrus S. Griest, formerly of Guernsey; William Whitson, formerly of near Flora Dale; Chester B. Worley, nurseryman of near York Springs and his late father, Willis L. Worley.