York Sulphur Springs

The town and its history.

York Springs Yesteryear (1976)

This writing was presented by the Mademoiselle Club of York Springs to the York Springs Public Library by Wreatha E. Glatfelter. It provides a general history of York Springs while providing some specific information about individuals and particular locations.

Childhood Memories 88 Years Ago (1967)

Transcribed by Jessie Deatrick and presented to Ester Beitman Keefer, this oral history of York Springs was created in 1967. Different from a standard historical description, this writing presents what Jessie Deatrick remembered about each family living along the main street of York Springs, up one side of town and down the other, detailing the lives of many individuals. Mrs. Deatrick lived in the town of York Springs from 1879 until her passing in 1971, at the age of 92.

Photographers' Marks

This is a collection of professional photographers' marks, all of whom practiced their trade in the town of York Springs. The earliest photographer known to exist used the mark, "I. D. Jones" He began operations before 1869, at a time when York Springs was still known as Petersburg. Two of his photographs are presented in this gallery, one unmarked and one marked as No. 122. The young lady in No. 122 is Mary Caroline Worley (1851-1937). The photographer who then carried on the business was Harry T. Slaughenhaupt, whose photographs are also fairly rare. The most well-known photographer was Slaughenhaupt's successor, H. J. Harman, who was then followed by Willis L. Worley (Please visit the W. L. Worley Photographic Collection for more information).