I began making furniture in my very first shop class taken while in 7th grade at Bermudian Springs Middle School. In that year, I made a lamp and the next year, a small cabinet. In 9th grade, a serving tray was the mandatory project on entering high school shop. My last three years were open to any project I chose and I went with a wardrobe in 10th grade and a barrister's bookcase in 11th. My greatest work, pictured at left, ended up being my senior project. I was 17 years old when I began this grandfather's clock in the fall of 1999. Every day of every week, I went to school an hour early so I'd have time to work on, and finish, the clock. Though it was an ambitious project, the Bermudian Springs High School shop teacher, Doug Myers, fully supported my decision to make this as my shop project. I received the shop award for the year 2000 and completed it at the age of 18.

Barrister's Bookcase

I completed this project in the Spring of 1999, at the end of my 11th grade in high school.


This lamp was my first shop project, made in 7th grade.


This was a small project I worked on sometime after graduating from high school. I ended up making them because they were difficult and I enjoyed the challenge. I was only going to make one, but there ended up being enough material to make two, including lids, from the same piece of lumber. The white mark down the side of each shows they're a pair.


As far as size goes, this was my largest project ever and, if I did it again, I would have made it in two parts. It's great to have, though it's safe to say it will never leave the room it's in ;)