Feature films & short works created, directed, and edited by me.

Pennsylvania Experience

For this film, I decided to take a historical approach in an attempt to explain the complete history of the home in which I was raised, beginning with the construction of the house in 1854 and continuing through the present day. I have made the full film, along with additional content, available for public viewing - Enjoy!

Guns of the East

A film originally intended for release in 2009 and pieced together 6 years later. Just the intro is provided at this time.

Random II

Enjoyed making it, so I made another!

Let them be Remembered

Presenting real life stories and historical background from all sides of my family, each of the films in this series takes place from the family's earliest known beginnings to the present day. Even though the films are still under development, preview videos are available for viewing.

Other Films

Contact me to learn of my other works.